A Man with a Flashlight

Is whoring a serious sin? David Vitter represents.
July 11, 2007, 12:24 am
Filed under: Politics

Now, Jimmy Carter famously admitted to having sinned in his heart. Louisiana congressman David Vitter, on the other hand, went ahead and sinned with the body (sin according to him, not me). I wonder if that isn’t just the difference between Georgia and New Orleans.

Vitter’s name was among those on phone records made public by “D.C. Madame” Deborah Jeane Palfrey (who is in the process of getting done for pimping) in what looks awfully like a ruined attempt at blackmail. What Palfrey did shouldn’t be illegal, but, like many successful businesspeople, she’s not all that sweet and she’s not all that straight.

Vitter deserves credit for respecting our intelligence, if nothing else. Everybody else involved is telling stories like they think we think magic is real. Like deputy secretary of state Randall Tobias, who was just getting a massage – or Madame Palfrey herself, who apparently thought the johns were paying for a few hours of platonic friendship, or perhaps intelligent conversation (they were college girls after all). Her business success must have been quite a surprise to her.

All this fuss for a business transaction which has been outlawed countless times and places, but never prevented. When will we learn that to alter human nature is beyond the power of government?

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