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The trouble with Bill
July 5, 2007, 11:47 pm
Filed under: Politics

Since posting about Bill Richardson I got email from his campaign suggesting I could link to his site. This is the blogosphere’s way of telling you you are kissing too much ass, so let’s mention the funny thing about Bill Richardson: he wants to pull completely out of Iraq, and he wants to do it yesterday. He would literally leave no troops there whatsoever – not to train the Iraqi army, not to secure Kurdistan, not to secure the borders. Coming from someone with Richardson’s foreign policy experience, I can only interpret this as a bone he figures smells pretty juicy to Democratic primary voters, because as a strategy for peace in the middle east it is pie in the sky. An Iraq pullout would be far worse than America’s withdrawal from Vietnam, which at least abandoned the field to a clear victor: Communism. In Iraq we would leave nothing but a vacuum. Richardson is using this to try and set himself apart from the other Democratic candidates, but for me, his sensible policies on medical marijuana, the use of diplomacy, CLOSING GUANTANAMO, and keeping the government the hell out of people’s sex lives does a fine job already. Anyway for now I like him more than Obama, partly because he is much clearer about where he stands (perhaps as a forgotten candidate he has little choice about this, but anyway it interests me).

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