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The worst 3 presidential candidates
May 5, 2007, 12:07 pm
Filed under: Politics

So far.

1. Rudy Giuliani: the Eater of Civil Liberties. The Continuity Candidate: the problem with our terror policies isn’t that they corrode America’s values and don’t deliver results, the problem is that we haven’t pursued them for long enough yet.

2. Mitt Romney: the Go-Getter. Narrowly beating out Hillary Clinton, on the grounds that I would rather be annoyed and unsettled by the President than bored to death. To Republican voters: you are no longer allowed to make fun of Northeastern liberals for being stuffy, preppy, and wooden.

3. Hillary Clinton: the Stepford Wife. It’s nice that a woman is running. Too bad she has no charisma or communication skills and her policy proposals are run of the mill.

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There is only one option, and I am a flaming liberal. RON PAUL.

As if the election will actually work.

Comment by slivermoon22

It’s a sad commentary on the Democratic party that the Republicans, the party of torture and warrantless arrest, is also providing the candidates who are defending civil liberties most bravely.

It’s as if they want to make themselves completely irrelevant.

Comment by a man with a flashlight

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