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The Age of Torture
April 17, 2007, 1:33 am
Filed under: Hell, Let's Call it Torture, The War on Terror

Now we have the first two transcripts, and the results are exactly that. The torture is cut out. The case of al-Nashiri is particularly striking:

PRESIDENT (of the tribunal): Please describe the methods that were used.

DETAINEE: (CENSORED) What else do I want to say? (CENSORED) There were doing so many things. What else did they did? (CENSORED) After that another method of torture began. (CENSORED) They used to ask me questions and the investigator after that used to laugh. And, I used to answer the answer that I knew. And if I didn’t replay what I heard, he used to (CENSORED).

Now let’s consider—would there be any need to censor the allegations unless they are true? No. Indeed, the fact that they are censored should be taken as an admission.

-Scott Horton, in an NYU speech you owe it to yourself to read. (Nod to Andrew Sullivan.) As Horton points out, we have a responsibility in this time to preserve evidence. Someday, God willing not far off, it will be valuable.


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